Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial rental problems can be a nightmare to resolve, especially when you are trying to carry out your own business. The last thing you would want on your mind is to know that it will be a long process to recover any loss of rent that may occur if your tenant walks out on you. 

This is where Commercial Rent Default Insurance comes into its own as a stand-alone insurance product. Commercial Rent Default Insurance is specifically designed to protect a commercial landlord from a loss of rent that may arise from a tenant failing to pay the rent when it is due under a lease agreement, leaves the property at the end of the lease without paying all of the rent due, or where the tenant stops paying rent and is legally evicted.

In addition to this, your insurer will also pay any legal expenses you may incur up to a certain maximum for each claim (although restricted to the actual costs incurred to reduce a claim for rent default), as well as up to a certain maximum amount for costs that may be necessarily and reasonably incurred by you for the preparation of a claim by your accountant or financial advisor. This can even be added.

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