After receiving industry feedback during a consultation period the Federal Government introduced into Parliament on 19 October 2016 the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 which is aimed at enforcing mandatory obligations on Australian companies to notify the Office of the... Read More
Commercial rental problems can be a nightmare to resolve, especially when you are trying to carry out your own business. The last thing you would want on your mind is to know that it will be a long process to recover any loss of rent that may occur if your tenant walks out on... Read More
Tax Probe Insurance - 24 June 2016
The Tax Commissioner has predicted that almost 15% of small to medium businesses will be subject to the ATO’s compliance program, including some form of tax audit. Dealing with audits is a time consuming, stressful and expensive affair that could leave you with an unexpected bill... Read More
The European Summer is quickly approaching, providing a relaxing break in the sun from the winter in Australia. Europe provides a great variety of destinations to visit, whether it involves family or friends. However what happens if you can no longer go due to illness or another unforeseen... Read More
Life Insurance is especially important to consider in order for your family’s future to be absolutely secure. The average level of Australian household debt is approximately $180,000 and this can place a significant strain on your family if your main breadwinner was to pass away. By... Read More
Once again the holiday season is upon us. This can be an exciting and busy time of the year, with family gatherings, plans to travel interstate or overseas, as well as it being one of the busiest periods for landlords in letting out their homes to tenants. However there are also numerous risks... Read More
Suppose a large storm is coming into your suburb, threatening flash flooding, high winds, and heavy rain. You rush home from work just in time to avoid the storm, but find that the roof tiles have suffered storm damage and water is leaking into the property. What type of insurance will... Read More