Why to use an insurance broker


Many people wonder what the benefit in using an insurance broker is, and there is often a misconception that insurance brokers add to the money that needs to be paid in the form of a premium. However like a lawyer or accountant with years of experience and training, a qualified insurance broker can provide you with a competitive and most comprehensive insurance policy to meet your needs. By providing great advice insurance brokers can save you time and manage your risks, stop you from making expensive mistakes when taking shortcuts without seeking proper advice, and ultimately stop the disappointment many people end up with when realising hat their insurance won’t cover them.

Firstly insurance brokers are there for you and you alone. If you talk directly to insurance companies, it can often be difficult to determine whether they have your best interests at heart or their own, and sometimes they may be trying to push a hard sell on you, leading to coverage that is inadequate or unnecessary for your business. A qualified insurance broker will make sure that you have the right protection to meet your personal or business needs, and will find a solution that will give you ease of mind to operate, as they act completely objectively. At ii-A our primary role is to look after your interests in all matters and we work solely for you, our clients. As a result, our insurance brokers can negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf by having access to a whole range of insurances, giving you value for money and saving you time going through the numerous options out there in the market.

Secondly insurance brokers provide extensive support to help you at any stage. Lodging claims and following them through can be a difficult process to keep a handle on, and this is where insurance brokers can step in and take over the emotional and time strain this can take. The insurance broker will handle your claim on your behalf right from the start, giving you constant updates of how the claim is progressing and following up any issues that may arise. Further the relationship between clients and insurance brokers if often a personal and ongoing one, with the clients being constantly educated about their insurance and what type of cover is best for their needs. You will speak to the same person every time you have a question instead of speaking to numerous people in the insurance company, and by having this one point of contact, this will leave you with a relationship that you can trust.

Thirdly insurance brokers can instead save you money on coverage you don’t need. Insurance brokers will aim to get the most competitive price for the best insurance solution for you by having access to various options. They can review your current coverage and make any recommendations as appropriate to give you exactly what you need. Further they will advise you of any special situations or exclusions that you will need to be aware of, which otherwise could leave you without cover. At ii-A, you will also be able to pay your premium on a monthly basis to help manage your cash flow and spread the cost of your premium over the period of insurance. This is particularly important for new businesses where the first year is arguably the toughest year in terms of cash flow.

In an ever-complex world, having insurance is more important than ever and using an insurance broker is the best way forward in protecting you and your business. At ii-A, we are more than happy to help you get started, so what are you waiting for? Call us today at 1300 00 2481 to begin your journey to getting the proper protection customised for your individual needs.