We want to provide security for your family


Life Insurance is especially important to consider in order for your family’s future to be absolutely secure. The average level of Australian household debt is approximately $180,000 and this can place a significant strain on your family if your main breadwinner was to pass away. By purchasing life insurance such debts can be paid off without the distress that these bring, and help your household to continue with their existing lifestyle. An important addition to Life Insurance is Total and Permanent Disability Cover, which can help you if you are unable to return to work at all. This will help to minimize any impact that your Total and Permanent Disability has on your way of life.

ii-A also knows that you work hard to support your family, but what would happen if you became sick or injured and couldn’t work for a period of time? How would your family cope if you take several months to recover? Income Protection Insurance can provide you with security of monthly payments if you are unable to go to work, and our office will be more than happy to help you with the claim process every step of the way.

What happens if you have had a traumatic event? Being able to focus on recovering should be your main concern and therefore at ii-A we want to help with any financial worry you may have. Trauma cover will pay an agreed lump sum for the diagnosis or occurrence of a list of specific injuries and illnesses, such as heart attacks, strokes, or cancer. Questions may arise as to how much coverage do you need and what will it cost, and this is where ii-A can step in to take this workload away, so you can simply concentrate on getting better.

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