Home & Contents and Landlords


Suppose a large storm is coming into your suburb, threatening flash flooding, high winds, and heavy rain. You rush home from work just in time to avoid the storm, but find that the roof tiles have suffered storm damage and water is leaking into the property.

What type of insurance will protect you from the resulting damage?

Home and Contents Insurance provides assurance of mind in protecting your family from harm, be it from floods, storms, fire, or theft. Coverage can be specified for jewellery, cameras, and any other precious items that may have been removed in the case of theft, loss or damage to ensure you are covered for the full value to replace them, as well as an option for contents of any visitor’s items. Accidental breakages can also be covered including for breakages of glass on windows or mirrors, or you can choose to extend your policy to cover Accidental Damage across the whole policy for all of your contents such as TV’s, computers, sporting equipment, and bicycles

What about if you are a Landlord? Research has suggested that there has been a large rise in investment property buyers, but letting out your property to a tenant can be risky and thus needs appropriate protection. This can include protection against damage to the property, damage caused by natural disasters, theft, liability claims, as well as optional covers for flood, rent default, malicious damage, and theft by tenant. Indeed a study by Woolcott Research has shown that two out of five self-managing landlords have experienced tenant defaults on rent or damage to the property, further stressing the need for Landlords Insurance with particular options for rent default cover.

Each policy is different however and the market is a challenging place to be on your own. Navigating your way through and finding something that meets your exact needs often requires reliable and informed advice. It is therefore best to let an actual professional look after your concerns and any claims that may arise, and this is where ii-A steps in. As a leading Insurance Broking firm in the market, make sure to call ii-A today on 1300 00 2481 in order to protect you and your family from the unexpected.