Are you prepared for the festive season?


Once again the holiday season is upon us. This can be an exciting and busy time of the year, with family gatherings, plans to travel interstate or overseas, as well as it being one of the busiest periods for landlords in letting out their homes to tenants. However there are also numerous risks that need to be taken care of, which is where insurance comes in. With everything that is going on during the holiday season, you should not have to worry about what could happen whilst you enjoy the festive season.

By leaving the door open to chance without insurance, you could face being financially exposed to public liability claims for theft of contents in your home, or damaged property if you agree to a short-term leasing plan home during the holidays. Home Insurance can give specified cover for jewellery and cameras, as well as protect your house from damage of glass and storm damage. Landlords Insurance can include protection against damage to the property, damage caused by natural disasters, theft, liability claims, as well as optional covers for flood, rent default, malicious damage, and theft by tenants. With all these questions and concerns, do you know if your current cover meets your changing needs?

What about protecting you when you travel? What about travel insurance? Travelling provides a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and an opportunity to see family and friends, but again there are numerous risks that can occur. This includes cover for emergency hospital visits, loss of luggage, travel delay expenses such as meals and accommodation, and cancellation fees and loss deposits. Why run the risk of ruining your holiday plans by having to pay more money than you should need in order to enjoy yourself? Better still click here and receive a 30% Premium discount on your next Travel Insurance Policy.

It can certainly become quite confusing and overwhelming to be completely sure which policy will cover you for your circumstances and your needs. With this in mind why not lighten the load by giving ii-A a call today? We will sort out your insurance needs and give you that extra peace of mind so you can enjoy the holiday season and have Happy New Year stress-free. Call today on 1300 00 2481 and let ii-A do the hard work for you this holiday break.